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I have been invited to speak at a Symposium for a clinic in Jakarta. The agency is paying my airfare and I have only requested a very, very nominal speaking fee. I have been invited by one of the clinicians of the agency to spend a week with her, her husband and son - instead of staying at a hotel. In addition, the agency has requested that I allow them to send me to Bali for 3d 2n at their expense. On top of that, I will also be traveling to Bandung to visit a clinic that works with children with developmental disabilities. They would like to provide lodging for me for the 3-5 days that I am there. I have no idea about the etiquette of accepting gifts or even leaving small gifts for my host(s). Any guidance will be greatly appreciated! By the way, I'm traveling during Ramadan and don't want to commit any faux pas. If you have thoughts on this, thanks, in advance, for sharing them :)

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    Too bad I just read this. How did it go? I believe it was smooth, because most people are kind. Most of us won't ask for something in return, but some would expect one. We would easily appreciate any gifts. Just don't offer food or drink before iftar :D. No pork or animals that lives on two worlds such as amphibians and you'll be fine. Most of Indonesians are moslem but not all of them, Ramadan custom would depend on who you're meeting with. Don't worry to eat and drink while they're fasting, they'll understand. about 6 years ago

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