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I know I can get a 30 day Indonesian Visa on Arrival and then get a 30 day extension at an Immigration Office or via a broker. And that I need proof of onward travel within 30 days to get the visa.

If I leave Indonesia (eg to visit Malaysia on Borneo), do I need to get a new visa on return to Indonesia, or, if the original visa is still valid, can I use that?

Is a quick visit to Brunei or Malaysia on Borneo a good way to "extend" a visa (by getting a new one) rather than going through the official extension process?

Thanks for any guidance !

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    If you are planning to stay in Indonesia for say a year it is best if you can get a local to sponsor you. However flying to Singapore and returning to enter with a new visa on arrival every 2nd month is just as convienent over 6 years ago

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    Thanks! I plan to visit for about 6-8 weeks or so. Thanks for the advice! over 6 years ago

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