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Must, Must DO! IN BALI?

about 10 years ago about Bali, Indonesia

Going to bali for the first time. I want to see the 'real bali'
Im talking outside of the popular tourist region.
What are your suggestions?

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    We usually base ourselves in Ubud or over in the East of the island, but if I had to pick one must do out of many I'd reccomend hiring a taxi or motorbike and exploring the whole eastern circuit that follows the lower edge of the volcano:
    - Ubud
    - KlungKung
    - Rendang
    - Sibetan
    - Bugbug
    - Padangbai

    Take your time if you have it: stunning scenery.

    sm about 10 years ago

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    Have a driver/taxi take you to the straw markets outside of Ubud. May be about 15 miles in the back side. Great bargins on original paintings ($5-20 after negotiating.). There are some old temples and ruins. Strongly suggest you obtain a driver or taxi who speaks English and tell him exactly what you want to see.

    There is a traditional wear here, batik similar to the Cuban Guabera. It has some beautiful designs that are dyed using wax pots to paint to protect the areas not to be dyed. It may take 6 months to make one shirt. You can obtain cotton cloth for around $20=40. Silk long sleeve batiks are used as a suit or the fancy ones as a tuxedo formal wear. Those will run from $90-300 depending on where you buy and how good you are at negotiating. There are a couple of batik factories open to tourists, there you will see how the cloth is painted. You won't believe the painstaking work that goes into it.

    There is also an active volcano that you can drive to. On another mountain across a valley from the volcano is a small Indonesian restaruant you can sit outside and observe the area while having lunch. On the way you will see groves of jackfruit, durian and other tropical fruits being grown. Durian is known as the king of fruits. The smell from the flesh is revolting to some. However, the taste is out of this world. It's one of those foods you either hate or love, little in between. i think it is magnificient. You'll see many rice paddies along the way, and if rice is being harvested - 4 times a year - you can see the traditional way they dry it on woven bamboo mats.

    In the town of Ubud, you will find the typical SE Asian tourist area. Many, many shops to buy local art and handicrafts. The carved wood can be beautiful. Look for the detail and symmetry of the carving. Ther

    I found 1 that was good. Negah (Blue Bird taxi, but you can get him to drive you off-duty for a negotiated fee). Telephone+62-21-81337551891. In Bali if using a cell phone drop the 62-21 and add a "0" before the number. But there are some good drivers there if he's not available. Just "interview" them about where you want to go and see if they are knowledgeabl about 10 years ago

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    totally recommend the 3 island jet boat tour awesome almost 10 years ago

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