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One way travel to indonisia.

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Im flying to indonisia to become a diving instructor and work there for 6-9 months. I am aware they are funny about people flying into the country without a flight out of the country. How does that work when I am not sure when I will be flying out. Do I just buy the cheapest ticket I can find that gets me out of indonisia, say to malasia and then not use it? Im guessing a working visa would resolve that issue perhaps but I plan to get a tourist visa on arrival then my dive centre is going to arrange my work visa. Please help!

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    having an onward ticket is about the one and only criteria for a tourist visa you don't want to break. It's there to stop people entering then deciding to get work - hang on, that's exactly what you're doing! Yea, it's going to be very difficult for you.
    I also think it's going to be difficult for your employer to arrange a work via for you, most countries won't allow you to amend a tourist visa. I figure you're going to have to leave - even if it is just to Malaysia and for a short time.
    If I was you I'd play it by the book (and get a work visa), you don't want to end up being denied entry or deported.
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    I'm also pretty sure (unless a miracle has occurred) that you will have to leave Indonesia again to get your Kitas (work visa). I agree with Phil the best idea would be to ask your diving centre where they want you to go to do this so that you can buy a ticket you will actually use. I got my Kitas in the past in both Singapore and Bangkok, both fares are fairly cheap from Denpasar so that for sure will be your best bet. Arriving in Bali with no onward flight will be a complete headache and may result in you being sent right back out again! over 6 years ago

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