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I have to fly to some islands in Indonesia and I have heard bad reports on local airlines; where can I get more info on the local airlines? is there one company better than others , or the opposite, I there a local aieline I should avoid?

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    Local Indonesian Fly I suggest Garuda Airline better.
    Citylink airline also

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    Avoid Merpati, if possible. They often cancel flights and you may find yourself stranded on some island longer than you would wish (happened to me, luckily they even paid for a hotel but I almost missed my connection back home). Quoting a local guy at Komodo airport: "They fall from the sky once a year, but you're safe as it's already happened two months ago".
    From Wikipedia: "The airline is blacklisted in the United States and the European Union."

    Garuda, on the contrary, offers high standard, but gets sold out as first... about 8 years ago

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    the Aviation Safety website is a good resource, you can put in the name of any airline and look at their safety record.
    Just a note on the so-called "blacklist" in the US and Europe: if an airline wishes to fly to a European destination it must apply for certification with the EU authorities, if they don't have active certification they re blacklisted. However, if a particular airline does not fly to any European destination why bother with the expense of getting EU certification? By default (if they don't fly to Europe) they're blacklisted. Just a minor point, but an important one. Then again there are some airlines whch know they wouldn't pass EU certification, so they don't apply and scrub European destinations from their schedule.
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