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Guys, I'm going to travel to Medan on early August next year alone. I'm a 23 years old female. is it going to be dangerous there? is it hard to find public transport cos that time would be Raya Puasa. Would you prefer Bandung more than Medan? I haven't officially booked yet.

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    I don't really know about Medan, but Bandung is TOTALLY safe. The only thing that might be a bit worrying about bandung is some motorcycle clubs that loves to hang out at about 00.00-03.00 AM, especially on saturday night. And even that, it's only on a few locations, and the police here almost wipe out all the dangerous ones.

    Bandung or Medan? Totally depends on what you want to do or to experience in your trip : ) about 8 years ago

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    If you ask for safety, I can answer that both Medan and Bandung are safe for you to come.
    But if you ask for preference in terms of the easiness or accessibility, then Bandung is a bit more convenience for you to travel alone.
    I am not saying that Medan is not an easy place, but in Bandung you can find more options to find public transports.
    Puasa / fasting month usually has nothing to do with public transportation, especially for the last week of Puasa (Lebaran / Eid Mubarak). It is like Christmas in western. about 8 years ago

    Answered by Wuri Yulianto via Site_iconWorldNomads.com

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