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Where can I book a good tour in Jakarta for Jakarta and / or the surrounding area? Also, are there any good tours to go on?

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    It depends on what you looking for. What places which you usually interested. about 8 years ago

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    • Anywhere, but, generally, "for Jakarta and / or the surrounding area." Of course, recommendations for "any good tours to go on" would be appreciated, too. I'm just wondering where I can actually book the tour. Can you tell me some specific places I can book a tour, please? Thank you! James Schumann about 8 years ago
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    Hi James,
    this may not really be an answer to what you were asking - but I think its easy to find local guides in the street. We have recently been to Jakarta and wanted to do a self-guided tour -so we headed for the harbour, assuming it isn't as hot as in the city itself.... When we arrived (Jalan Insinyur Jajusman -6.124788,106.809207 - and you MUST see these wodden boats!), a tourguide came up to us and offered his services. While we were sceptical in the beginning, we agreed and had a great tour: he took us around this harbour, then we got punted across the harbour by a fisherman to a nearby housing area (near Jalan Pasar Ikan), where we got an insight into housing conditions - and then our guide stopped a cab and took us to two other fantastic sites: an open-air fish market and a place where fish is being dried - he finally brought us back to the Museum Bahari (spice warehouse), near where we started the tour. All this (boat and taxi included) for 200.000 Rupiah. I later discovered a blog about jakarta tours, maybe its helpful: http://realjakarta.blogspot.pt/ about 8 years ago

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