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I am liveing in Bali and going back to Perth every three months. I am fully retired now with my pention being paid every two weeks into my bank a/c. They told me at centerlink i did not have to report every 26 weeks now that i am retired,so i got permition from the Bali Imergration with a sponser to stay here for an extra 4 months,on top of my 2 normal months visa. Now people are telling me that i still have to go back every 26 weeks,so i am confused now as i do not want to be cut of the pension as i have no other income.
If there is somebody out there who can advise me ,i would be much appresiated. I am on a social visa,not perminant visa. ROD

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    As far as I know, social visa can be extended up to four times at Indonesian imigration office. Each time you extend, they will give you 1 month extra. So, 2 normal months visa plus 4 x 1 month, six months in total. But better you consult with imigration office :)
    Good luck! almost 8 years ago

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