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This will be my first time on such and extended journey, I'm planning on 3-6-12 months depending on how well I can budget myself. I'm not sure which would be the best route for me to travel money wise as well as time wise, any suggestions here will be appreciated. Can you recommend a good travel insurance? I plan on using the local transport to get around and possibly crossing coutries from land instead of air, is this recommended/ or possible at all? I think that I would probably be able to cross through Nepal, burma, thai, laos and cambodia through land and may have to fly to indonesia, and thoughts on this? Is it recommended? Has anyone volunteered or worked through these countries before? I'm travelling alone, how do you deal with the lonliness sometimes? I know that I will be having a lot of fun but at times I'm sure that it gets tough. Do you recommend doing something like writing a blog to keep occupied? What do you do when you feel like just calling it quits? Is it easy to keep in touch by telephone with family? Thanks in advance for all the help and suggestions!!

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    Ah you've picked an amazing route! I'd love to do Nepal - have you thought to do some hiking there, maybe base camp for Mt Everest?

    I'd definitely suggest doing a blog, it keeps your mind going, reduces the need to call home (saves money!) I did a blog a few years ago about getting around thailand and I tracked where every dollar went... Maybe it might help!


    I did this for first time visitors to Thailand, and you can certainly travel around there for ALOT less. But I was reaching young travellers who haven't backpacked yet!

    I don't know much else about the other locations, because I haven't been, but I know you can get a bus from Chaing Mai in Thailand to Laos. So that could provide a path for you! Of course the amount of travelling and distances you travel always provide the most damage to your budget, so you could always fly into Nepal, pop down to northern india then jump across to Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. Or even just stick to Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. You travelling costs will be greatly reduced!! Just a few thoughts!!

    Have a great time! I'm planning a trip over to south america for 4/5/6 months- I'm undecided too about how far my budget can get!!! almost 9 years ago

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    • Hi Emily, Nice Blog! Seems like you gals had and awesome trip. Thanks for the advice in Chiang Mai. As for the hiking in Nepal...Mt. Everest base camp is calling. All the best for your adventure through South America! Someshree almost 9 years ago
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    Hellooo!! Nepal is great. You can visit Kathmandu and Pokhara and do some mountain trekking if you like it and see all the amazing temples around... after that the best is to go to Bangkok and from there you can organize Cambodia- Laos-Myanmar. After doing that you can go to Indonesia. I did your same route starting Jule 2011. I did Nepal-Sikkim-Bhutan and Thailand-Cambodia and now still in Thailand planning next. Indonesia is good weather for June-July-August months while the other parts (Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand) are quite hot in this period, so plan also according to this! if you want to keep in touch for more deep infos please email me sangay45@hotmail.com Bye, take care and safe travels x almost 9 years ago

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    • Hi there! Thanks for the advice. I might try to cross over straight into the north and skip bangkok if I can. I don't like the heat too much so I'm a little sceptical about traveling at that time. I will keep in touch via email for some deeper info ;). Someshree almost 9 years ago
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    I am extremely jealous. What an amazing route you're doing. Nepal is fairly simple to get around, dependant on your trekking area. There are loads of trekking agents that you can hook up with once you arrive, I have used this particular guide on a few occasions and can recommend him.

    His name is Gyan Bahadur Rana Magar - duragyan@yahoo.com.in

    I have also referred him as a personal tea-house trekking guide to friends who were all as impressed.

    Getting to Burma from there may be difficult, you might have to fly to Bangkok and then to an overland to Yangon. Having never been to Burma, but desperately wanting to, I can't really add any value here. You can then overland again up to the Golden Triangle and visit Chiang Mai. Be careful here - its a lovely and worth a visit but sadly also a place you need to be extremely aware of. Purchase your own water from the supermarkets and ensure the seals are valid. This is an extreme caution, (and one you should know for most of Asia anyway).

    You can either then catch a train south and spend some time on the islands or you can overland again across to Laos (across the friendship bridge). You will need to arrange your visa prior as visa on arrival is difficult.

    From Laos, you can then catch a boat down the Mekong through to Cambodia. Siam Reap is a must, and I also think a few days in Kep is worth it, you can boat to some of the islands which are spectacular.

    I would leave Indonesia to last, it's the easiest place to travel around and you can keep it fairly loose. Start in Bali (and if time permits try to see a lot of the island including North West), maybe head to Nusa Lebongan, and my new favourite place..... (returned last week) is Flores! Stunning diving and snorkelling, very cheap and extremely laid back.

    As for the blog - YES! Not only does it keep everyone updated, its a great way to pass time after a long day of travelling and it serves as a fantastic record to look back on. Worldnomads have a blog (free) which is easy to use and allows you to upload photos.

    For accommodation as you go: www.agoda.com

    I'm curious that you dont like the heat? These countries are hot.... almost 9 years ago

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    Hi Lisa! Thats some awesome advice! Thanks a mil. When I'm in Chiang Mai do you recommend visiting the surrounding cities? Can you recommend some cheap/clean hostels or guest houses for extended stay? Catching that boat from Laos down the Mekong to Cambodia sounds amazing, do you recommend a company to use? About the heat, I don't mind it but in small increments, I prefer cooler conditions. Heat just exhausts me, I'm not much of a beach person either, love to be on islands and around the ocean but not good with spending time laying on the beach, I prefer hiking and nature trails stuff like that. Hmm wouldn't mind laying around on a boat all day drifting and drinking beer though :)) almost 9 years ago

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    Definitely go for a visit to the old city in Chiang Mai, and maybe a few day trips using the centre as you base. I would suggest this rather than stay in outlying areas for safety. The health risks in Chiang Mai are not highly publicised, but take a look at http://thailandlandofsmiles.com/2011/03/30/thailand-travel-tragedies/ for some thoughts. Not to scare you - my background is in emergency assistance and we came across too many of these cases.

    Some of the hotels in Chiang Mai are quite cheap, you can get a nice place for about $20 US per night like the Baan Thai Resort - which has aircon and wifi etc. Or you can go cheaper and not do with these luxuries (I go with aircon). Again, I always use Agoda for booking last minute, it means I can still get a little bit of luxury and not spend a fortune.

    There are a few boat companies that do the Mekong boat, from memory the best one was simply called Mekong Cruise. I cant remember how much it cost or for how many days, but you might want to google and see if there is one that you can join a few others on. It might be a bit lonely by yourself.

    Like you, I'm not a laze-by-the-beach person, but I love the water. Sunscreen is now my new daily mantra after returning from Indonesia and having a huge chunk of my back cut out (ouch) due to not applying waterproof sunscreen.......

    On Flores, we went trekking in the mountains, walked to a waterfall and swam for hours, and we also hired a boat and motored around a million beautiful islands. And we drank beer (Bintang). almost 9 years ago

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    hey there folks! i am also planning a asia backpacking trip and am looking for info. i am currently on reunion island and will be starting out by going to sri lanka, then traveling to india, train/bus to nepal, however at this point i am stuck on how to get to either laos or northern thailand. i am doing this on a pretty tight budget and so was hoping to avoid expensive flights if possible. does anyone know of a cheap overland way to get from nepal to laos/thailand? thanks for any and all advice! almost 8 years ago

    Answered by Amber via Site_iconWorldNomads.com

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