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i am trying to make the trip from bangkok to bali on land with some ferry action obviously. i want to take a safe yet adventurous route. i might be solo or have a lady friend join me, lets hope!

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    Dear Eric...
    I am trying to give a suggestion for your trip and will give you an update for any information that i collect in the future for your trip.
    -From thailand to Indonesia, you can travel to :

    -Malaysia and take a ferry to Dumai (Riau, Sumatera
    Island, Indonesia).
    -Port Klang (Malaysia) to Dumai (Riau).

    -Singapore and take a ferry to Batam;
    -Take a ferry from Batam to Dumai (Riau).

    -From Dumai to Jakarta, you can take a bus.

    -From Jakarta to Denpasar by land, there are 2 options as follows :
    a. By bus, from Jakarta to Denpasar (direct); or
    b. By train, from Jakarta to Surabaya;
    By bus, from Surabaya to Denpasar;
    or By train from Surabaya to Banyuwangi and from
    Banyuwangi to Denpasar by Bus (there is a train and
    bus package from Surabaya to Denpasar, while buy a
    train ticket). The train's name is Mutiara Timur.

    -Consideration :
    -Since from jakarta to denpasar by bus take around 24 - 27 hours, it's better for you to use a train.

    Questions :
    -Are you planning to spend a night in Jakarta (after arriving from Batam)?
    -Are you planning to stop by in a several city (in the middle from jakarta to denpasar) or direct to denpasar?
    -As an option, you can stop by to :
    -Yogyakarta (Central Java) and visit Borobudur
    Temple (one of the seven wonders) or
    -Semarang (Central Java) and take a ferry to
    Karimun Jawa island; or
    -Mount Bromo (in East Java). about 9 years ago

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    Ya very adventurous but you will be surprised how difficult it will be. The Ferry service is quite a task. Singapore to Bintan, Batam, Java, then Bali. Better to fly and enjoy your time else where. Sounds like a nightmare to me! about 9 years ago

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