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How safe is Mumbai?

about 9 years ago about Mumbai, India
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    Mumbai is quite safe even if you trod off the beaten path. But just as with any global city one must be at all times in touch with common sense when travelling alone. But it is the one place in india to experience what they call the maximum city life. about 9 years ago

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    Be specific...
    If you worried bat falling in an open drain..that could happen..but if you talking bat roaming at night...it's pretty safe .. about 9 years ago

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    Well, Its not as safe as it used to be. But then, its as safe as a city in India can get. I agree that one must anyway exercise caution while traveling.

    Things you should take precautions with -

    While walking in crowded places, be careful with your bag/wallet. DOnt flash money around.

    Avoid ATMS very late in the night. If you go to an ATM, make sure someone is waiting for you, or there is a security guard present, or use an ATM in a crowded area.

    Travelling by Autorickshaws (the 3 wheeled taxis) Be very careful for bag snatchers who grab your bag and drive away on their motorbikes.

    Make sure the taxis you are hiring, use their meters, and insist on asking for their fare cards to cross check. After midnight there is a night charge applicable, which is also mentioned in the rate cards.

    As for the rest, use the same precautions you would use, while traveling anywhere else... dont accept drinks or rides with strangers, etc... about 9 years ago

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    Safest city in India.but it is better to be careful and not to venture alone late in night . about 9 years ago

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    Depends on the area and time of day. For a city of more than 10 million Muggings and gun crimes/street crimes are fairly rare. However tourists being fleeced or robbed does happen every so often. Women travelers can travel across the city alone at night but must take care.
    Pick pockets abound as do people who snatch jewelry and other flickable valuables.
    Call radio cabs and know where you are going and you will be safe. about 9 years ago

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    Nothing much.. things are fine as usual.everything is safe. we just had a few visitors from a neighbouring country. gave them a warm farewell.

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    I remembered i have watched a movies about business man. It is very danger in india. Actually I have not been to india then that is what i guest .:) almost 7 years ago

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