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My partner & I are going there in Sept - Oct. Flying into New Dehli, then thinking of heading to Nepal, then down back through India & finish up in Mumbai... But still not sure. Any tips appreciated :)

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  • A Delhi/Agra/Rajastan/Mumbai/Goa/Kerala/Tamil Nadu trip would be quite incredible--but then again, you may have your heart set of the Himalayas. What are your interests? Is it your first time traveling in South Asia? Jarrod Brown over 8 years ago

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    Answered by VASUDEVAN via Site_iconWorldNomads.com
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    Your interests should determine your itinerary. In general, an India trip should ideally be of at least 3-4 weeks length to take in this diverse country.

    The grand monuments in Delhi and Lucknow built by the Mughals and nawabs gives you an idea of what India was in medieval to early modern times, also the period of its greatest achievements. 3-4 days in Delhi, a couple in Lucknow and a day in Agra for Taj Mahal will take about a week on this leg of the trip.

    Explore Himalayas, the tallest range in the world and take in the sights for about a week . You could go to Uttarakhand from Delhi or Lucknow and go to places such as Kausani or Ranikhet with Nainital or Almora as the base town. Or you may go to Himachal with Simla as your base town.

    You can head west to explore the vibrant Mumbai city - the commercial capital and then move on to spend a few days in some great Konkan beaches (such as Tarkarli in Malvan region) or go directly to Goa, a unique town with a Portuguese heritage. 2 days in Mumbai and 5 in Konkan / Goa.

    You could spend a few days in the desert state of Rajasthan or you may go to South using Bangalore as the anchor and exploring Mysore etc.

    I can provide you a more specific itinerary with interests and priorities and duratiojn in mind. over 8 years ago

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    I have friends visiting from overseas and they have about 2 weeks to travel. Do let me know your thoughts on the following itinerary -

    sept 13 - 15 (delhi to cochin- for aranmula boat race on sept 14) - fly

    sept 15 - delhi

    (I will be taking my own car for this Rajasthan leg of the trip)
    sept 16 - delhi - agra- jaipur (spend night in jaipur) - by road
    sept 17 - jaipur - via chittorgarh fort - udaipur (night in udaipur) - by road
    sept 18 - udaipur- jodhpur - delhi - by road

    sept 19 - 21 - delhi - kashmir - delhi - fly

    I had the following questions, if someone can help/or has traveled these regions -

    Aranmula Leg
    1. Does anyone know what the closer airport is to Aranmula if we want to watch the boat race ? Trivadrum or Cochin ? And if so by how much by road since I would prefer flying into Cochin.
    2. What is a good place to spend the night in Cochin ?
    3. How much will it cost to rent a car to Aranmula from Cochin ?
    4. Any other tips on how to get around ?

    Rajasthan Leg
    5. Is this possible by road or will it take longer ? I am going to be very selective as to what we see along the way.
    We will start from Delhi very early in the morning. We will spend maybe 40 min at the Taj and then carry on to Jaipur right away. If we reach when there is still day light, will go in the evening to Amber fort and hawa mahal.
    The next day again start very early and get to chittorgarh fort, spend about an hour there and carry on to udaipur to the lake palace and spend the night there.
    Again start very early the next day and go to Jodhpur and spend half a day there and drive back to delhi.

    6. Any good places to stay in Jaipur, Udaipur ?

    7. Any other ideas / tips ? Things we should be careful or keep in mind ?

    Thank you !! over 8 years ago

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    Delhi/Agra/Jaipur/Darjeeling/Nepal ?
    Delhi/Agra/Jaipur/Varanasi/Rajasthan ?
    Or, if you do go down south, make sure you go to Hampi.

    and @tigresswoords25 , please be safe on the roads! cows, goats, other drivers, rickshaws, people, everything will get on your way, so be well rested and try and drive during daytime. over 8 years ago

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    Ranikhet is one of the best places to visit in India. this is a most famous hill station of India. The place not only rejuvenates you but has also become a whole package of attraction for nature enthusiasts. The Chaubatia Orchards are a must see if you visit Ranikhet. Jhula Devi is supposed to be one of the most sacred temples of Ranikhet. Ranikhet is located at almost a height of 1829 meters it is an ideal place for trekkers. With forests of oak and pine, trekkers would love to walk up the hills and get an alluring view of the whole city. Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary is famous all over.

    http://focuztours.com/destination/ranikhet-tourist-attractions.html about 6 years ago

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