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    I heard retail called "BIg Bazar" is giving it up against SBI debit card , assuming you don't have that i guess ATM is your only option, I would suggest you to contact your embassy for that matter as Indian government would have given them some suggestion on how to deal with such crisis. Till then I would encourage the use of apps like PayTm and Freecharge. Best of luck. almost 4 years ago

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    I contacted my bank before I left for India and told them where I was going. I was able to use ATM machines in most cities. over 3 years ago

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    I know that the money crisis is over, but we learned some lessons from it.

    Indian Money Exchange Tips:

    1. Do not exchange in the airport if you can possibly avoid it (See tip #5).

    2. There are many currency shops in Indian cities, you can go to one of these to exchange money at the best rate (legally).
    2.a. If you have an Indian friend where you are going, have him/her take you to the exchange and go in for you (better rate).
    2.b. If you are on your own, research the location ahead of time and book a prepaid cab at the airport to take you there, and then on to your hotel.
    2.c. Research the current exchange rate. Do not accept their first offer, rather keep repeating the exchange rate to them. They will never come down to the exchange rate of course, but they will offer a better rate.
    2.d. DEMAND a receipt. I was in India during Modi's repeal of the 1000's and 500's. Days earlier, my exchange man had not wanted to give me a receipt and had pointed out that I would be waisting the 300 rupee charge he would make if I demanded one. I did anyway. One week later, the only way to exchange my 60,000+ (now worthless) rupees was to provide my passport and A RECEIPT of transaction.

    3. If you cannot find a currency shop where you are, exchange at a bank. Ask to see a manger because I have always found that they are very kind to foreigners.

    4. Do not take the unbelievably great rate this person can give you if you can tell him the amount and give him fifteen minutes to go see a friend. This is black market exchange, and the current government has no tolerance for it.

    5. Keep enough rupees at the end of your trip to cover your initial expenses on your next trip so that you will not have to exchange in the airport next time. over 3 years ago

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