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My friend and I are about to go to india in October. We fly into Mumbai and then bought a separate plane ticket to goa. From goa 10days later we bought a ticket back to Mumbai and then a separate ticket to new dehi. does that count as a single entry since we never left the country or a multiple entry since they are all separate tickets?

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    Single entry, same country over 4 years ago

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    This is a little late for you, but it may help others:

    Never apply for anything but 10 year multiple entry. The cost is the same no matter which visa you apply for, and if you go for the longest, they can always bump you down to 6 month or a single entry if they want to. My friends, family, and I have applied for 7 - 10 year multiple entry visas over the last two years, and every one of them has been approved.

    Note: This is the experience of a U.S. citizen applying for an Indian visa through Travisa. over 3 years ago

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