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I injured my back and am travelling to India to practice healing yoga and maybe find a holistic retreat/center where yoga therapy, meditation and Ayurveda are offered. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated! Thank you :-)

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    If you are looking for treatment specifically with a rejuvenation process I would suggest nature cure in udupi Karnataka. But if you want a holistic and spiritual experience with yoga I would suggest Isha.in Coimbatore in Tamil nadu over 4 years ago

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    Maggie has already given a good answer but at the same time based on your specific need, you may connect with respective places mentioned below. They might be able to help you out

    bhavesh, India
    bhavesh.swami@gmail.com over 4 years ago

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    I recomend Misore for Ashtanga our Puna for Iyengar it depends on what you are looking for!
    Also in Goa you will find good ashtanga at a shala called Purple Valley.
    Going to India to pratice yoga will be the experience of your life! Go for it!! over 4 years ago

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    Yoga is available all through India and there are dedicated centres in any city you visit. If you are looking for some specific treatment, look towards http://yoggram.divyayoga.com/ over 4 years ago

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    I sugest Kerala. A lot of Ashrams and Centers down there. The State has a very authentic Indian culture and breath yoga and Ayurveda. Plus you have beautiful beaches and the backwaters that themselves can treat your mind and soul.
    I spent 6 months in india, did a TTC (teacher training course) on yoga and a wellness course on Ayurveda... If you need more info I will be happy to help you =) www.facebook.com/ligiasabatica over 4 years ago

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    Rishikesh. over 4 years ago

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    I think Mathatitu Yoga Ashram is one of the most underrated Yoga Training Institutes in India. Since they aren't doing any kind of promotion, their superb training often goes unnoticed. I must say that Mathatitu in Kerala is undoubtedly one of the best in the business.

    Link: http://mathatituyogashram.com almost 3 years ago

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