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Hi !
Can anybody tell me if it is posible to travell by bus, train or jeep into the Himalaya región of Garwhal -kumaon in India , for high altitude trekking in the coming month of september after the last floods?
I have been told most roads are still unpracticable and it is not advisable to go that región for trekking this year, but I am not sure about the fonts.....

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    Yes, it is ok now because the conditions of effected regions are being normalized by the keen efforts of the Indian government. I would personally suggest that the Jeep safari or 4x4 SUV would be the best mode of travelling on anonymous tracks of this incredible kumaon region.
    Kumaon is amazingly beautiful and full of stunning natural trekking trails. To reach up to the high altitude Himalayas valleys, choose the best travelling options or avail the best Itineraries
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    Answered by Zara  Jones via Site_iconWorldNomads.com
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    May be its fine for trekking after that disaster. The govt in the state works rapidly to make over those damages. almost 6 years ago

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