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Has anyone from the USA tried bhang is the water used safe and clean? Will a first time India traveler get sick. Is it easy to find. What about actual buds..?

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    India almost 8 years ago

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    Bhang Gollis are balls of ground-up cannabis buds mixed with water, and usually sweetened. If you're buying these from a street vendor it's unlikely they're using bottled water, but ask them. The Bhang thandai is made with sugar, spices and milk. Not all milk in India is pasteurised. The word "fresh" usually indicates the milk is unpasteurised, i.e. straight from the source. Bhang lassi is similar but uses milk curd - again possibly unpasteurised.
    Bhang is not illegal in India, but it is controlled. However you can obtain bhang POWDER from dispensaries, so you could make your own gollis and lassis using bottled water and pasteurised milk. It could be a fun adventure to ask a street vendor to show you a recipe and teach you how to make your own.
    In any case, make sure you take a gastro' kit like this one: http://journals.worldnomads.com/safetyhub/post/26575.aspx
    Phil from the safety hub almost 8 years ago

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