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I bought Kingfisher flights for the new year period 2012/13 from Chennai to Mumbai. The flights were cancelled two weeks prior to departure as it seems Kingfisher are having financial difficulties.

All my attempts to contact them have failed bar one email saying they'd be in contact soon. None of their phone lines work and they are not returning emails. I have checked with my insurer (World Nomads) and they do not cover this. They say the airline is duty bound to refund me. It's around GBP100, so not a killer, but to be honest I just don't want them to have my money. I'd rather get it back and give it to an charitable organisation that deserves it.

Basically, the question is do I just resign myself to the fact that I'll never get that money back OR has anyone succeeded in getting a refund and are there any tips you can provide?

I thought that airlines were bound by international regulatory bodies to ensure that refund were paid when they cancelled flights? If not, then what are these IATA bodies for for? What exactly is the Indian government doing about this matter?


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