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What shoes to wear in India?

almost 8 years ago about India

I will be traveling, for the first time, to India in early January so the weather is said to be in the mid 80's. This may seem like a silly question but I'm not sure what type of shoes to wear. In NY, in that type of weather, I usually wear ballet slippers or sandals. Neither of those seem right for India.

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    You can wear normal leather shoes. Some times you need temple socks while visiting living shrines. Thanks almost 8 years ago

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    Hello Antuela,
    About shoes in India:
    The main thing to consider is you will be leaving your shoes outside historical buildings, shops, cafes and some hotels - so make sure they are easy to get on and off.
    Slip-ons are best.
    India has lots of shoe shops, so you can even choose more shoes when you get there!
    Enjoy your trip.

    Best wishes,
    Malabar Cove Beach Houses
    North Kerala
    South India almost 8 years ago

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    As uncool as they are crocs are the way to go. They are light, comfortable, cool, offer some protection and cheap if they go missing. Take two pairs. almost 8 years ago

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    They should be a good mix of casual and formal, i generally get by with a pair of loafers. Btw india is a good place to buy shoes both branded and unbranded much much cheaper than any other country so do consider making your chice here almost 8 years ago

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