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I am flying into Bangalore at 21.55 on 27 December. Can I get a SIM card at the airport? Which is the best one to get? I will be in Karnataka, Kerala and Maharashtra for about 4 weeks.

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    This is my experience getting one in HSR layout... I should have gotten one in the airport, it would have saved me some stressful days, but it would have been much more expensive. I also didn't care about having internet on my phone... I think Vodaphone was the best to have.

    1. Get a local/friend to go with you to
    2. Go to literally any stand/phone shop
    3. Spend probably about an hour comparing prices
    4. Get the local/friend to get you the REAL price
    5. They'll most likely make you fill out a form, complete with two passport-sized photos
    6. Be sure to put some 'charge' on the phone so you can actually make a call
    7. Try to buy one from a store nearby your place... It took me a couple days before I realized that I had been given a crappy card that wouldn't activate (it should really take no less than 2 hours, no matter what they say)
    8. Two months later, realize they never actually gave you a real card and then have it unexpectedly CANCEL.
    9. Case in point: make sure you know what you're buying, and be wary of where you're buying it from. The airport (if they do sell them) will be your best bet, bigger electronic stores being your second. As for charging it, you can do it anywhere because the minutes should automatically download to your phone. almost 9 years ago

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    We were there in the spring. Got a micro-SIM for the iPad through Vodofone and a SIM for the phone through Reliance because they offered a better rate. But search around as there is a lot of competition and depending on how much you use the phone, one company might be better than the other.

    Joshua is right though, having a local go with you will make a big deal. My iPad sim was in my aunt's name and the phone was in my cousins name. Locals can go in with just a passport photo and proof of address to get a SIM where as foreigners have to provide a passport and maybe a deposit too.

    Make sure to get a receipt as well as they don't always give one automatically. I had an issue when trying to reload credit onto my iPad and I had to visit the Vodofone store 4 days in a row all for the fact they had charged me 1 rupee less than what it was supposed to be and as a result the service wasn't activated.

    Customer service is not so common in India as it is in developed countries, so sometimes it can be frustrating with the service you get. almost 9 years ago

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    I just returned from 4 weeks in Karnataka and Kerala. Even with the help of a local no-one would sell me a SIM card. over 7 years ago

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