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Scott Brown here. I'm a design student in the States and I'm working on a device that attaches to a walking / ski stick. This device can sense tremors or impending earthquakes and would send an alert signal to the hiker's smartphone. The walking stick could be screwed into the ground and would be especially helpful while the hiker / camper is asleep in a tent...Now the question is - Are earthquakes a huge problem for hikers / campers in Iceland? A device could possibly be used in earthquake prone areas of Japan, too. Any opinion would be most appreciated. Thanks Phil!

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    I'll pass this on to my friend Ingo Bjargmunsson, the 2014 photo scholarship winner, who lives in Iceland.https://www.worldnomads.com/learn/travel-photography/

    I'll get back to you.
    Phil almost 4 years ago

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    Hey Scott, Ingo just replied to me. Here's what he said:
    About the question then, no not really. As common as earthquakes are here I can't remember an incident where an earthquake lead to Injuries to hikers in recent years here in Iceland. Avalanches are more common and they are caused more by bad weather then anything else. We are more worried about volcanic eruptions and glacier floods associated with them. Here is a link to some hazard assessments done by the Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management http://www.almannavarnir.is/english/articles/ and here is a map of earthquakes in Iceland during the last 48 hours, just to give you an idea of the magnitude http://en.vedur.is/earthquakes-and-volcanism/earthquakes#view=map . Hope this helps almost 4 years ago

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    Thanks Phil. It sounds like earthquakes happen a lot, but never pose a threat to hikers. Thanks, again, for your time and the links. almost 4 years ago

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