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Hi, we're thinking of going to Iceland in late October, is it possible to get a good view of the northern lights?

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    That all depends on the weather and clouds, if the weather is right and there's no clouds then yes. over 6 years ago

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    I went in December and did see the aurora but it's chancy at best. What I saw was not too impressive. As was previously mentioned, it depends on cloudiness and weather. There has been a lot of solar activity this yer though, so you may get luck. There are web sites that can semi-accurately predict solar activity - maybe check there first? Iceland is fabulous - I fell in love with it! Enjoy! over 6 years ago

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    Probably, if the weather is clear. I saw them vividly in September 2016. over 2 years ago

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    You can see the northern lights during winter season from early September to the end of April. The Northern Lights are the visual result of solar particles entering the earth’s magnetic field at high atmosphere. Its depends on the activity of the sun, and the acceleration speed of these particles. Recently I have visited to Iceland with my friends. We saw the wonderful lights there. One travel company Go to joy Iceland helped us to travel there. 7 months ago

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