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I am landing at Budapest Airport early afternoon in September, and I need to get a train to Vienna. Which station is the quickest to get to from the airport, Kelenfold or Keleti? And which method of transport is the quickest (taxi, train, bus, etc) ?

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    Kelenföld vasútállomás is preferred if time is an issue. Five minutes more to station, 15-20 minutes shorter train trip. RJ-train leaves from Kelenföld for Vienna at 1.24 pm /3.24 pm /5.24 pm and will use about 2 hours 50 minutes, EN-train leaves at 7.20 pm and will use about 3 hours 10 minutes.

    Best way is to use the airport shuttle service, and pre-book (+36-1296-8555, 6000 HUF/20 EUR payable at boarding, no cards). Calculate travel time 60 minutes. Using metro+tram will take absolutely minimum 80 minutes, very easily 100-120 minutes as two changes are needed. A taxi will save you five minutes compared to airport shuttle service and you should triple the price - minimum. over 6 years ago

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    Thank you for that very useful reply. To be specific about times, my flight from UK arrives Budapest Airport at 1.55pm, and I am hoping to catch the 3.24pm train to Vienna.
    It doesn't matter too much what time I get to Vienna, but I didn't want to miss that train and have to wat a couple of hours at a Budapest Station
    So, if it is quicker to Keleti, maybe that would be my safer option? I am happy to take a taxi despite the extra cost. What do you think, assuming the plane is NOT late?. over 6 years ago

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    You should absolutely use the Kelenföld vasútállomás. From here RJ 68 for Munich leaves at 3.24 pm, while the train leaves at 3.00 pm from Keleti. Despite five minutes shorter travel to Keleti, Kelenföld will thus be your best choise.

    Please remember, however, that you need to PRE-BOOK your train ticket through an autorized travel agency or expect to queue for absolutely minimum 15 minutes and possible two or even three queues (=train lost) if neither speeking Hungarian nor German. There is no possibilty to get at ticket in the train and normally you don't even get to the train's platform without a valid ticket.

    RJ-ticket price Budapest-Kelenföld - Wien Westbahnhofi in economy class 10300 HUF (about 29 EUR), in business class about 30000 HUF/88 EUR. In fact you'll find just two differences - seats of leather in business class, of fabric in economy class, and a voucher for a free coffe drink in business class. (A rich choice of coffee drinks and te available in economy class as well, 3-5 EUR). Thus, dont let you rip off, choose economy class. The RJ-trains are modern, high-standard Austrian trains, so economy isn't any problem at all - in fact slightly better than first class in standard trains requiring one or two changes.

    I do think that with a pre-booked train ticket and a pre-booked/pre-paid shuttle ticket (=express lane at the shuttle shelter) this should be suffient to reach the train 3.24 pm., assuming that the plane isn't late. However, if you prefer a taxi you should pre-book one at +36-706-454-444 no later than 24 hours prior to arrival. A VW Sharan thus have a fixed price to Kelenföld (60 EUR + 0.4 EUR pr minute waiting from the time booked) as well as to Vienna (400 EUR + waiting). Thus you will be assured to get a quality taxi, not a wreck, at a fixed price from the very moment you are inside the car, and in addition you have a reserved taxi and no 15-20 minutes queue at the licensed taxi stall or rip-offs from the illegal taxi drivers hanging around at the Ferihegy airport. Please remember to order your taxi or book your shuttle from the correct terminal - 1/2A/2B - the taxi driver will meet in the arrival area and show a display your name. over 6 years ago

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    Once again, thank you so much for all the information. You have certainly given my wife and myself a lot to consider, but certainly Kelenfold Station is the one we will aim for, and we will definitely be booking tickets online, to avoid queues there. I hope that when we have booked the 3.24pm train, if we then miss it, our tickets can be used on the next train, two hours later.
    We will let you know our experiences in September. over 6 years ago

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    Sorry but you do not need to book a ticket via agency it is possible to buy it at train station and ppl there speak english.... when I was there last time which is this year in March there were special counters for trains abroad (but I have to agree there were many ppl)... and also it is not true that you cannot buy ticket on the train you can but you will pay much more and also I would nor risk it it... also the train stops only at Wien Meidling which is not the main station... the last train is 21:24 over 6 years ago

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    Thanks Ela, your information is welcome. I will book online to save time at the station. We have only 1 hour 30 minutes from the plane landing at Budapest Airport to the train leaving Kelenfold, you see. If we miss it, we have to wait two hours for the next.
    We come back from Vienna on Friday to Budapest, and will have all weekend to see that beautiful city before returning to UK. over 6 years ago

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    When using a REX- or IC-train, it is correct that the ticket can be bought in the train for a small supplement. However it is NOT possible buying a ticket in RJ-train when crossing the border.

    The latest train is 9.28 pm, and possibilites to use train 4.24 pm is also possible. The "problem" is that the 4.24 pm-train is not a RJ-train, two changes are required and you'll arrive i Vienna LATER than when using the 5.24 pm-train.

    Whether the ticket-sellers are English-speaking or not depends on "when and where". Yes, 50 % do, and thus I said POSSIBLE two or three queues. However, you should never expect that you'll be in touch with the "correct" 50 % - especially not when in a hurry!

    All RJ-trains stops at Wien Westbahnhof, as well as Wien Meidling. If using a REX, IC- or EN-train the train may not stop at Westbahnhof, but ALL RJ-trains will stop there.

    A standard ticket consists of two part - a "general" part which is valdid for minimum six hours and a seat reservation. The seat reservation is lost if not catching the booked train, and a new reservation is needed - about 1000 HUF or slightly above 3 EUR/seat. A discounted ticket, however, is 100 % lost if not catching the train. over 6 years ago

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