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I know that many parts of Europe nudity is allowed in spas, on beaches, or in parks. In Germany bathing suits are banned in the spas (I understand they are considered unsanitary) -- at least the ones I have visited. I also saw that people of all ages were in the spas, from young children to elders.

What is the proper etiquette in the spas in Hungary? Are bathing suits required, optional, or banned? If nudity is allowed, are there age limits?

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    I'm probably too late for the person who asked this question, but for anyone else interested: the spas I went to in Budapest clearly indicate what kind of bathing suit is allowed/expected. There is mostly no nudity, although some spas alternate men/women only days, and I think that partial nudity goes on those case. So bathing suits are required.

    Some spa may recommend that children avoid coming, but I think it's mostly a question of water temperature or depth of the pools. almost 2 years ago

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    Elizabeth is right - baths are such a draw to the city, they post their bathing requirements so that tourists are fully informed; they even post pictures to make it easy.

    The websites are also good for getting info from, english is available.

    Wife and I went to the Rudas baths and would recommend. Women allowed every day for most amenities, but some days are rotated for the steam bath. See website for details. over 1 year ago

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