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    Yes! The downtown area is clear and besides, Disneyland is far, far away from the downtown area. You can take the subway easily and cheaply. If you're going to stay for a few days, it might be wise to get an "Octopus Card." That way you can take a ferry, a bus or the subway all on one convenient card. When it runs out of money you can refill it. The easiest way to get on is at the airport when you land. Just before you go out the final doors to the crowds, look for the train desk on the left hand side and buy them there. Enjoy! almost 4 years ago

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    Yes Very safe!

    We were there in october and have been keeping an interested eye on Hong Kong news ever since.

    I would avoid Mong Kok, not because of the umbrella movement protestors but instead because there are a lot of violent thugs trying to attack the protestors.

    Not only are the Admiralty and Central areas very safe, if there are any displays and things still up in those areas I would even recommend taking your family there during the day to see a piece of Hong Kong history in the making. almost 4 years ago

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    You have nothing to worry about. I have traveled to Hong Kong many times, even just last week. I am from the USA but currently live in Guangzhou, China -- which is just over the border from Hong Kong. Hong Kong is very, very safe. You will not have an issue. You see stuff on the news, but those are totally isolated incidents. It is by no means a hotbed for violence. More than likely, you won't notice a thing.

    If it is just you and the kids, then you may want to stay out near the Disney Park -- on Lantau Island, near the airport. There are some nice hotels and beaches to relax with the family. If you want to stay more in town where all the action is, then there are many options - but it's quite a distance by train from the Disney park. Just something to keep in mind with tired kiddos! :)

    We've written a few stories about our visits to Hong Kong our our blog here - in case they help. http://www.peanutsorpretzels.com/category/destinations/asia/hong-kong/

    Have fun!
    Elizabeth over 3 years ago

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