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they said it is super cheap shopping on hongkong night market. Maybe someone can post some do's and dont's, some tips how to make shopping easier, or where to start at.

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    Best night market is TEMPLE STREET in Kowloon
    Between Mong Kok and Jordan metro. opens around 6=7pm every day about 10 years ago

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    Mongkok is brilliant but pickpocketing can be a problem, although I've not had a problem. Wallets and phones are a No.1 target so keep them secure. Otherwise, get off the main road (Nathan Rd) and venture in a block or two, that's where the good stuff is. over 9 years ago

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    Bargaining at mong kok market is expected. Every stall you can find there, there are at least another 5 stalls selling the exact same items. As soon as they see a tourist, they up their prices by 100 - 300% of the usual selling price. You should also visit the stores beside the monk kok market stalls. They have excellent and cheap clothing choices as well. over 9 years ago

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    The Temple Street night market opens at 7 pm, operates til late... Almost midnight. It is closest to the Kowloon Jordan MTR stop. You will feel very safe there. It is bustling hive of activity and lively shops. over 9 years ago

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    Echoing everyone else, Temple Street Market is the place you want to go. If I remember correctly it opens around 5pm ish but doesn't really kick off till much later on.

    If you're lucky/unlucky you can take in Chinese opera and maybe even karaoke down some of the side streets.

    You'll find a huge array of goods, a good bunch of it being counterfeit, but that's probably a given with such places. However, you might find a genuine bargain there.

    If you're taking children then be warned. We dud chance upon a small section where there were, erm, adult literature strewn all over the stall. So, be wary if you want to avoid awkward questions... over 9 years ago

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