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Will the countries of Central America (Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, El Salvador) enforce the "must have an exit flight" requirement? We are planning a one-way flight to Guatemala to begin our backpacking journey. We will tour all of Central America and then head down to Ecuador for our South America tour. But, we want to be flexible and not have to book any flights up front. Will this be possible?

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    Unless there has been any major changes in the lst 18 months you will have no problems.

    I travelled from Mexico to Colombia by either car, boat or bus and had no onward flight tickets (I originally thought I would travel through Mexico and Guatemala only).

    The only time I got asked how I was exiting the country was I think when I entered Panama and I just explained by boat and there were no issues.

    PS - don't skip Colombia!!! over 11 years ago

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    I'm on a bike. They never ask me. over 9 years ago

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    We were headed for Costa Rica & HAD return tickets booked, but they were for seven months out. When we got to the airport in Baltimore, the airline refused to let us board because we had no proof we were going to leave the country in the required 90 day period. The solution is to always carry an open ended bus ticket from the country you'll be in to avoid problems. That's all border guards, etc., want to see to know that potentially you're leaving their country legally & on time. We had to by some extra tickets we didn't need--muy espensivo! over 9 years ago

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    We (a family of six) spent six months over the winter in Guatemala. We flew in on one way tickets. The person who checked is in for the airline in the States said that we might run into issues with the one way thing at customs in Guat. My wife and I both returned to the US on separate occasions during the six months (round trip tickets ending in Guat). At no time did customs in Guat ask for return documentation. In fact when I came back they didn't ask me anything at all (thank goodness... My Spanish isn't up to that!) over 9 years ago

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    We were flying from Guatemala to Nicaragua and the plan was to get a bus from Nicaragua to Costa Rica. As we didn't have the bus tickets book (i.e. we had no proof of leaving Nicaragua) the airline in Guatemala wouldn't let us on the plane. over 9 years ago

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