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I'm going on a 2 month tour of part of South America (some parts of Peru, Chili and Argentina) in Nov-Dec. Before I start my tour, I plan to spend 2 weeks in Guatemala and go to a Spanish school in Antigua to improve my Spanish. The reason I chose this place is because it's been recommended by friends as a good quality and very affordable place to get Spanish lessons. Another reason is I want to see Tikal national park while I'm in Guatemala.

Can anyone recommend a good Spanish school in Antigua?
Or can anyone recommend a different place in Central or South America where it would be equally affordable to learn Spanish at a quality school?

Thanks a lot for your help!

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    Maximo Nivel is a GREAT place to go! (Maximonivel.com) I'm sitting in the airport now on my way home from spending 1 1/2 months there. And they partner with a great travel agency located right inside the school that has an amazing 3 day trip to Tikal, Flores, and Rio Dulce (all the way to the Caribbean). Maximo has schools in San Jose, Costs Rica, and in Cusco, Peru; Cusco is the same price as Guate, but Costa Rica is a bit more. over 7 years ago

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    Ixchel Spanish School is best in antigua The school atmosphere is warm and inviting, our teachers, Director and staff are qualified, professional and experienced. Your course is not only designed to suit your academic needs, we make certain that you are comfortable with your surroundings. Your opinion of us is our primary concern. over 7 years ago

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    I studied in both Antigua and San Pedro and I would recommend the latter simply because it is quieter with less tourists and thus a better form of immersion.


    I recommend San Pedro Spanish School, which is based in A small town in Lake Atitlan.

    The school is very well and professionally organised, with after class activities to further practice your Spanish. The schools setting is beautiful and although San Pedro does get more English speakers than other 'pueblos', in general very few speak English here. There is not loads to do so it's tranquilty helps you immerse yourself in the language.

    I stayed with a family at the edge of the town, about 10 min walk from the school. I could not recommend this family (Vikki & Rafael, who also run a shop called Tienda Jacqueline) enough. The food they cooked me was amazing and they were very hospitales at all times. They also have a young daughter who always wants to chat. Perfecto no?!


    Felipe about 7 years ago

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    After spending the last 2 weeks in coban, I would like to follow up on my last post.

    I studied in coban with Muqbilbe spanish school. My teacher here, I felt, was the best of all three I've had since I arrived in Guatemala. Jaime was very thorough in his teaching and made sure I completely understood each lesson before moving on. He focused more on practising/conversing with what I learning in class. In the last school, I practiced by doing homework which I found less effective. Jaime also was the easiest to understand By using more simple phrases and words. He was also the more enthusiastic. In the last school I felt the teachers seemed a bit bored at times. I am now proud of my level of Spanish. Jaime corrected small but important mistakes I was making. The family again were great and they has two young kids to practice with. However, the food was probably healthier in Lago de atitlan. One other difference was that there was no wifi in both the school (not really a problem as I chatted with Jaimes very friendly mother who provided each day bread and coffee for free) and the home. There are no tourists (más o menos!) in Cóban. All in all if you can put up with the more rain they get here (higher altitude) then I would advise on here. It's also 20$ less! However if you want to meet other travellers then Lago de Atitlan is better. Oh as well Jaime was also very generous in helping me find voluntary work in a coffee plantation here.

    I hope you find these details useful. Follow me on twitter if you like @philipcorrigan


    Felipe about 7 years ago

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    We went to Antiguena in Antigua, it was absolutely lovely, very professional and they have their lessons in a beautiful garden.

    We chose them because they were voted #1 on this website http://www.guatemala365.com/ and all the reviews were excellent.

    Also they are a little cheaper than some of the others - we arrived and they found us teachers to start for the next day, so we were really happy with the service. I think they are all fully qualified teachers. almost 7 years ago

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