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Safety of travelling in Guatemala

about 11 years ago about Guatemala

My husband and I are plannig our trip to Guatemala in September 2010. I have read many opinions but all seem to be dated long ago. How safe is to travel just in 2 these days? Travelling between cities, Tikali, Antiqua, seaside? Do you have recent experience? Thank you. Veronika

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    Like others, I can only comment from 10 years ago: wonderful country but Guatemala and Antigua were far from safe ... and have (apparently) got worse since.

    By way of example: I passed out in Antigua at a night market, cracked my head open and had to go to hospital to get it stitched up. That was all fine. But my wife and I nearly got kidnapped just leaving the hospital in the early hours, and it was only because of the sharp eyes of the military personnel guarding the entrance that we didn't.

    So take care.

    Having said that: I'd go back in an instant! Antigua is gorgeous! almost 12 years ago

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    I traveled to Guatemala three different times in 2009, and it was wonderful. I am a white American female with light hair, so I would be considered one of the people they would call a target while traveling there, but everything went smoothly. You can't ask for a more beautiful country, full of life. Yes, in general, it is an unstable country with a high crime and violence rate, but if you take your precautions I'm sure you will come out unscathed. Especially if you aren't planning to go to Guatemala City, where it is much more dangerous than the rest of the country. Don't walk around looking rich. Be aware of your surroundings. You should be fine! over 10 years ago

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    I agree with Lea, just be careful and don't go to Guatemala city. Also don't be obvious, ie don't wear loads of jewelry, carry a laptop around etc. And talk to people /travellers while you are there and you'll get a good idea of any areas that are more "unsafe" than others. over 10 years ago

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    I can comment. I was robbed at gunpoint in Xela a week ago. Two other people at my house were robbed the day before on a hike nearby by two men with machetes. No one was physically hurt, none resisted. Having experienced this, I still am in Guatemala and still having generally good experiences with the people. Obviously crime is high, but whether or not you visit depends on your comfort level. I'm still a bit nervous, but still having fun. over 9 years ago

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