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I'm planning a trip to Athens and Santorini island on 6Nov but i'm really worried about the strike in Greece. What should i do? Cancel? Seek for advises... Tq!!

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    Nothing publicly announced for that date as yet. But check regularly with these two sites:
    and follow #livingingreece on twitter for strike updates. about 9 years ago

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    Don't cancel but make sure you take out TRAVEL INSURANCE and that doesn't just go for Greece but for any country your travelling to outside of your own. To cancel a trip based on strikes is silly when you consider there have been strikes in Greece since I've been traveling there from way back in the early 80s. Also, Ferry schedules are regularly changed because of the weather where fast ferries and hydrofoils will NOT operate as scheduled if the seas are even slightly above the maximum they are allowed to travel in and that's for nothing more than personal safety but sometimes, you'll find 99% of people will have a great story to tell which happened after a ferry service was cancelled and were forced to stay another day or two. That's the beautiful thing about Greece, it's a travelers Paradise which brings out the youth in you and has this certain unexplainable uniqueness that just overpowers you and draws you into this different world where time has no place or relevance and where unpredictability rules the roost and in a grand way might I add!!! almost 9 years ago

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