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    Of course and it is safe!!It is really surpising how media can influence people....I strongly believe that all greek islands are totally safe and ideal destination for summer holidays! However I would recommend to avoid Athens center the days that there are strikes and demonstrations. over 9 years ago

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    Well great than.. :) thanks for your answer.. I love greece i have been to xanti alexandrapoli and volos last year, this time i want to try the islands.. Any suggestions besides mykonos? over 9 years ago

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    • Skiathos and Paros are also very good choices and popular for young people! Have a nice time! bignat! over 9 years ago
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    Sinitar, safe: yes, inconvenient: a bit.
    The protests are usually confined to downtown Athens outside government offices. The days of the strikes are advertised by the unions well in advance, so you'll know which days to avoid the centre of Athens. You might be inconvenienced if you're travelling on the day of a strike, because public transport might be unavailable, the airports or air traffic controllers might join the strike, or the ferry captains, or all of them. Try to arrange transfers around the strike dates. There have been some shortages of supplies because of past strikes, but they were ones which went on for days and weeks (like trucker strikes). The current round of strikes are 24 or 48 hours, so things get back to normal in between.
    Whatever you do, do not get involved in a protest, don't go to watch, and move away if you stumble into one.
    Phil (from the worldnmads safety hub) over 9 years ago

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    I was just in Athens for business and as a previous person said, stay out of amonia square and you'll be fine. I hadnt been to Greece in 10 years and I felt just as safe on this trip as I did then. over 9 years ago

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    As another suggested, media influence is astounding but then again, we should understand that the media is there to gain your attention and so they will overreact a situation if it means them getting a reaction from that hence ratings so it is no surprise although it is sad to say the least. Greece is as safe as it has always been and if you really are traveling to the Greek Islands, then Athens airport is about the only place you'll step foot on the mainland and that's not in the heart of Athens city itself so no need to worry either way. Also, the Greek Island of Rodos (Rhodes) was only last month voted as the No1 Tourist Destination in all Europe and 5th overall in the World and that right there speaks volumes in itself of how safe Greece is otherwise I hardly think people would flock to Greece if they didn't have a feeling of safety and security. This unnecessary scaremongering and overreactive journalism has certainly angered hundreds of tour firms and organizations back in the UK who absolutely rely on Brits traveling to Greece to make a living and only very recently the UK body corporate who looks after this sector publicly vented their anger and frustration at the UK government for not putting a stop to the lies of scaremongering journalism of the UK media who without realizing, may be grabbing a headline and top rating but at the expense of some 800 tour operators in Britain whose businesses heavily and almost solemnly rely on Brits traveling to Greece and in particular the Greek Islands. I can tell you for certain as an Australian born Greek who still lives in the land of OZ that I had no second thoughts on booking my family's vacation this coming European summer in Greece and aside of the Islands I will visit, mainland will also feature in my itinenary with visits to Athens & the land of the Great Alexander of Macedonia which lies in the northern part of Greece and this with a young family of 3 children aged between 1 & 6 yrs so don't buy too much into the overreacting media, but rather just understand where the protests are held ( namely SYNTAGMA SQUARE) and if you don't want to get caught up in them, then simply avoid that particular area!!! almost 9 years ago

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