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Going to visit crete. Who can tell me which archeoligical sites are worth visiting

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    Crete is a wonderful island. Knossos is the obvious archaeological site and had a special significance for ms (long story). I'd also recommend the time and effort to get to Loutro on the south of the island: a very special experience. almost 11 years ago

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    criti is an exquisite place to be. Among the many historical places near Heraklion, I recommend Arcadi Monastery. It is a living peace of Cretan history. The trip to the monastery is also beautiful, it is about 1h:30m to 1h:45m from Heraklion depending on your mean of transport. Arcadi was the strong hold of the Cretan resistance during the ottoman occupation. Signes of the battle and the heroic fitting of the cretans are still present and visible on the monastery walls till our day. A must see by all means. almost 9 years ago

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    EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. Greece has an embarrassment of riches when it comes to Archaeological sites and to be straight out honest with you, no single one is better than the other because for each one you visit, you'll be blown away by the history of it while to trying (in your own mind) to picture what it must of looked like in it's day. From (what i call) the four corners of Greece, Athens with it's famous Acropolis & Parthenon to Macedonias Ancient city of Pella where one of the most famous Hellenes known throughout history, The Great Alexander was born, to Knossos in Crete where it's delightfully Architectural Minoan Palace lays & where civilization began around 8000yrs ago to Rodos (Rhodes), home of the mighty Colossus where today unfortunately the statue is no longer there but the pillars either side of the entrance to Mandraki Harbor where it once stood are still there and of course it's UNESCO World Heritage listed medieval Grand Masters castle of St John which is the only medieval castle anywhere in Europe that is still lived in today and is the location of the Old Town of Rhodes with thousands living within it's walls as if a city all on it's own. Within these four corners of Greece lay many of the greatest Archaeological sites of our world and to say one is better than the other is to not respect the importance & relevance that each one has taken part in through the trials, tribulations & most importantly triumphs that have seen the Greeks from the beginning of time fight for the right of freedom enjoyed today by all civilized nations. Somewhere in each site, you will understand the role of importance it has played and each piece of the puzzle has an amazing story that will help your consciousness drift back into time while your imagination builds you a picture that will have you in awe of how Grand our Ancient ancestors were!!! You cannot possibly see every Archaeological site in Greece in 1 vacation so my tip is if it's Archaeology you want, then pick a starting point, and try to explore as much and as close to that starting point as possible because there is much much much to see :-) almost 9 years ago

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