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Good places to stay in Greece islands etc

Asked by John Hubbard via Site_iconWorldNomads.com

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    I have used this booking service with much success. There appear to be a number of Greek hotel listings discounted.

    http://www.eurobookings.com/destinations-gr/greece.html almost 10 years ago

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    If you are happy to go with the flow and not one of those travellers that needs everything booked to the nth degree just get on a ferry from Piraeus and head to your island of destination. When you land you will find many people at the port ready to offer you accommodation. Field these offers well as if they say the accommodation is just 10 mins from the port this might be 10 mins in Greek time and not what others consider 10 mins. Same deal if they tell you the accommodation is 1km from the port. Not always accurate in terms of time and figures. The best way is to check out the accommodation. Go with them and see it. I lived in Greece for 3 years and travelled the islands extensively before that. We always did it this way and never experienced any major problems. Besides it's great to live among the people. Usually accommodation is part of someone's home or a set of additional apartments they may have. Otherwise if you're not game, head for the local tourist information as they can organise accommodation for you. Recently a friend of mine organised accommodation on line in Santorini and they found that when they got there there were all sorts of hassles and ended up losing $1000AUD so one never knows. almost 10 years ago

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    Last time we were there we stayed here, which was quite delightful.

    Another alternative I'd suggest http://www.airbnb.com which I have used for a family trip to Paris recently and found it an excellent experience. almost 10 years ago

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