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Travelling by Greek ship.

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In the next week I am going to visit my mother in Crete island, Greece. I am going to travel alone by a ship from Athens to Crete and have some questions. First of all- is it safe for a 17 years-old Bulgarian girl to travel alone in Greece? Second- any ideas how to spend 10 hours on the board and not get bored? And third- how to offer a coffee in Greek in case the staff doesn't speak English?
Thanks in advance!

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    Dear Viktoria, the fact that there are strikes in Greece does not mean it's a violent country ! It is not more dangerous than Bulgaria or any other near country if you take resonable precautions. Spending 10 hours on a ship board is always a boring thing - take a book with you. Finally, the coffee in Greece is called "kafe" so even if they don't speak english (most young people in Greece speak englsih) just ask Kafe - try also "frape" that's a cold coffee vey popular in Greece. Have a nice journey !
    Panos over 10 years ago

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    Ask yourself this: Is it safe for a 17 year old Bulgarian girl to travel alone in Bulgaria?
    Apply the same common sense and safety practices you would at home, and you should be okay.
    About not getting bored onboard; ask if you can go see the engine room, you won't believe how big the shaft which drives the propellers is. Or ask to go on the bridge, you won't believe how small the steering wheel is. Keep a look-out for dolphins or flying fish. Or just get cosy and read a book. over 10 years ago

    Answered by Ask Phil via Site_iconWorldNomads.com

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