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Campervan in Greece

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We are touring Europe in a Campervan. Is it safe to drive through Greece? If so Would you recommend a ferry from Italy or drive up and around through Croatia, Albania and down to Greece? Don't want to be prayed upon although we are rich tourists with stuf to steal in a camper.

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    I meant to say As if we are rich tourists with stuf to steal! - we have nothing to steal... over 6 years ago

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    This couple spent 10 weeks in Greece and didn't stay on a single campsite the whole time, well worth a read: http://www.europebycamper.com/search/label/Greece over 6 years ago

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    T&S, campervanning is a very popular way to see Europe (and especially Greece) so it's unlikely you'll be 'preyed upon' - there's safety in numbers. You might think you have nothing to steal, but if you take the long route to Greece you'll be going through some very impoverished areas (Albania for example) and you will be relatively richer than many locals, so don't let your security practices lapse. keep everything of value out of sight in the van, and lock up whenever you're away. It's inmpossible to make a campervan totally secure (all a determined thieve would need is a can opener - kidding), so don't take anything you couldn't bear to lose. TRavelling light and lean is the b=est option, which you seem to have covered.
    Found another website for you with some "free camping" spots: http://www.magbaztravels.com/content/view/70/30/
    Check with your travel insurer about exactly what is covered, and if you need any extra cover because you're campervanning, and have a read of our own travel safety hints for Greece here:
    Phil from the safety hub over 6 years ago

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    Thanks a lot we have found some very helpful tips! over 6 years ago

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