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Planning a trip to Greece

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I am wondering what is my best option to have a phone that will work in Greece to call the US? I have an iPhone 4S with Verizon that I use in the States. Will it work in Greece? and if so, will the roaming charges be astronomical?
What would be an alternative, knowing that I do not speak Greek?

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    Yes your phone will work in Greece and yes the raining charges are insane. Don't even think about turning it on. Buy a local SIM on arrival and go from there.

    (Call roaming charges are just expensive but data roaming charges will cost you thousands ... Been there, done that both myself and my staff.) over 7 years ago

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    I would turn the phone off. Most hotels have a computer and you can communicate via Facebook etc. Otherwise, you will need to call Verizon and make sure you have the international plan turned on, you may even need to select a plan. CALL them. Also, you might want to make sure you are not checking emails etc. since I think you are charged per what is downloaded. You might also want to look into Viber, a free app that lets you make international calls for free. The person you are calling also needs Viber. over 7 years ago

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    Today people don't think too much about Sim card when traveling abroad. Getting a SIM card is easy. I use T Sim cards when I travel abroad. They provide cheap calling rates, with data roaming facility and free incoming in most of the countries over 6 years ago

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