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I have a Schengen Visa (Which is not applicable for Bulgaria and Romania) and I want to travel by road/train from Ankara to Budapest in 12 Days and explore Europe.

The problem is that I can't enter the non-Schengen area (Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia, Kosovo, Bosnia, and Serbia).

The route that I am considering right now is:
Ankara - Istanbul- Thessalonika - Igoumenitsa (By Road)
Igoumenitsa - Venice (By Ferrry)
Venice - Vienna - Budapest (By train)

Please tell, me that is it a viable route?
How much money do I need to make it happen?
How much time, it will take.

Thank you.

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    Don't do it! Take a plane, roads and trains suck there! over 8 years ago

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    You will have to go by bus from Istanbul to Thessaloniki or take a train to the border since Greece terminated international train travel in Feb, 2011. I did the journey in the opposite direction a few months ago. It was about a nine-hour trip and cost around $35USD.
    Can you not get into Bulgaria or Romania at all? Sofia to Belgrade to Budapest is the most direct train route IIRC. over 8 years ago

    Answered by Scott H via Site_iconTripping
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    I don't know where in Greece Andres Fajer travelled but considering Greece was the last European nation to host the Olympic Games, it's fair to say then that there is no question of it having some of the newest and modern transport infrastructure which has gone through extensive renovations & upgrades in the last 2 decades. Of course flying is definitely the most effective way to get from a to b and with the amount of budget airlines operating throughout Europe, then I'd say it's probable that it's also the cheapest way to travel. Having said that, if you are after a scenic view then let me suggest the Ferry services that move millions of travelers through the Aegean each year because sone of the views in this part of the Mediterranean are simply a breathtaking paradise on earth. You could easily get yourself from the Turkish coastline to Igoumemitsa which has a Port and then continue on to the Italian coastline via the Corinth Canal or for something that combines scenery and time saving, try a combination of Sea & Air travel whereby you catch a Ferry from the Turkish coast & make your way to Athens via the Aegean and them catch a plane for the short distance flight from Athens to wherever in Italy you are headed. You'll kill two birds with one stone so to speak but if train is your preferred option, then I can assure you there is absolutely nothing wrong with the trains of Greece for they have some of the most modern of all Europe but trains are a time consuming way of traveling when you consider the other options you have and at the price you can obtain them for!!! Happy traveling either way!!! over 8 years ago

    Answered by OzzieGREEK via Site_iconWorldNomads.com

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