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We are leaving Italy to spend 2 weeks in Greece before heading to Dubrovnik. I had planned to fly from Rome to Athens, then to Santorini, then Crete, and on to Dubrovnik (Croatia), but there are no flights from Chania in Crete to Dubrovnik, so I think maybe we have to switch the order, and fly out of Athens to Dubrovnik. Any suggestions?

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    There are no flights from Athens to Dubrovnik unless you check with a travel agent and find you a seat in a charter flight. Here is a list of major tour operators in Greece.

    http://www.robby.gr/greece/gr/Travel_and_Tourism/Travel_Agents/geo/Greece/Attica/ almost 9 years ago

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    If your going to Santorini and then Crete and you have 14 days in Greece, then can I personally suggest to you (without knowing how much time you are spending on either Island) that you include a 3rd Island and specifically Rhodes. Why? Well for a start, 14 days is a good amount of time to cover 3 Islands and these 3 are without doubt the BEST of Greece. With Rhodes last month officially crowned as the No1 Tourist Destination of Europe & the 5th overall Best in the World, you'd be crazy not to go when you consider it's only a 50 minute flight from Crete and that Rhodes is one of 4 cities in Greece (Heraklion-Crete, Thessaloniki-Macedonia & Athens being the other 3) that have International Airports. For the record, you can fly from Crete to Dubrovnik via Heraklion International Airport (Crete) for between 100-200€uro one-way but also take into account that EzyJet have a regular 3 day a week (Tues, Thurs & Sat) flight service from Rhodes to Dubrovnik with a Milan stopover for between 70-100€uro one-way so for me, it makes perfect sense to include Rhodes in your itinerary. Trust me when I say you WON'T REGRET IT ;-))) almost 9 years ago

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    Wow, thank you for your advice! Sounds great! over 8 years ago

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