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Ferry to Naxos in athens?

about 11 years ago about Athens, Greece

I'm off to Naxos at the end of July and while I couldn't be more excited for a five day birthday celebration (hey, yeah!), I'm having some trouble with the ferries. As I remember, the ferries are unreliable and often left, and I wanted to get some information on if anyone else has traveled this and knows how long the ferry from Naxos to Athens is? It's supposed to arrive at 3.15 and our flight (Athens to Budapest) is at 4.30. Is this enough time or should we suck it up and book an extra night in Athens, which we don't want to do as it takes away a night in Naxos :(

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    Go for the night in Athens. We hopped across from Naxos to Paros to Mykonos and then Athens ... I'm pretty sure you wouldn't want to expect these ferries to run on schedule.

    We were in Naxos at the beginning of October, got hit by a huge storm and none of the ferries could even dock for 3 days: they just gave up and carried on past!

    A wonderful island though!

    http://journals.worldnomads.com/simon_monk/country/84.aspx about 11 years ago

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    I know. I've done the ferries before, but never with so much pressure on a time scale.

    Thanks for the insight. I would rather avoid Athens (I'm not a big fan of the city), but it looks like we won't have too much of a choice!

    Cheers! about 11 years ago

    Answered by Courtney Harre via Site_iconTravellr.com

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