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Hello there

I will be in Berlin for one and a half days more and I have done most of the "normal" tourist stuff. Now I just want to find that little extra that seems to excist on every street.

What I'm after now is something I have had glimpses of during the last days, but I'm certain that there is more out there. So please give me examples of:

Shops where you could fins reggae/hippie/trance-inspired fashion and other stuff in these cultures. To be honest, almost any shop that is out of the ordinary could be of interest.

"Cultural centers" (as someone described them), these squatted building where you and me can enter and see the art/bar//whatever that is made there (I saw some guy called Alex Rodin in Thecheren(?), he could be one of the most fascinating artist I have EVER seen).

Some nice bars/gardens/whatever where you could kill some time and rest your feets around alexanderplatz, kottbusser and areas around it. In the best of worlds there would be no traffic noise, "chill" music (whatever the genre) and a nice atmosphere.

Something else that could interest people that may be a little hippie/reggae/trance/left wing/etc.

But i truly am open for suggestions, it could be something small like the Old bus where you could sit and take a beer/coffe while you watch the gigantic a on the wall while you play ping pong (they could need a new ball though) or something like the shops for people with way to big wallets on/near kurfustendamm.

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