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    Definitely do the 'Third Reich Walk" or whatever its called. They finish at the former Nazi headquarters which is now a Music Academy. They show you the door of Hitlers former office though not inside the room & the sweeping marble staircase.

    You can also take a bus out to Dachau Concentration Camp, think they call it Dachau Memorial Camp now to make sure people never forget the consequences of mans inhumanity to man. It's heavy going. Alot of it is empty space where the prisoners huts were that were made out of wood which didn't weather well so were demolished. They have a replica hut which gave no feeling of the true deprivation and squalor these poor people must have been kept under. The gas chamber at the far end of the compound was never used but is harrowing nonetheless as is the crematorium. Still plenty of prisoners died in Dachau from hunger, disease and executions. You see where a long thin ditch was dug. This was where prisoners were shot & the ditch was where the blood could flow. it is situated by a small & deceptively serene glade beside the crematorium. There are also some interesting stone buildings after you enter the camp which incidentally is not through the gate marked ''Arbeit Macht Frei' which has a dead end wall a few feet just infront of it.

    After the visit try to do something lighthearted because I found the experience really does take it out of you, Perhaps a visit to Nymphenburg Schloss back in the city might be an idea. It will be experiencing another era of history.

    Oh you could also take a trip out of the city by train to see Chiemsee Palace, one of Mad Ludwigs, Its on the way to Salzburg and the Palace is situated on the island in the middle of a lake. You can get a horse drawn carriage up to the castle, it's very beautiful & romantic. The lakeside was also a favourite haunt of Hitlers for picnics,

    A visit to the Hofbrauhaus, more popular with tourists than locals is an experience. I recall it having some connection with the Nazi era but I can't remember what, think it may be included on the walking tour. Anyway its good for food for a drink and a bit of traditional German night entertainment. about 9 years ago

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    After time spent seeing the historical sites, you must stop at a beer hall, enjoy the atmosphere, and make sure you have a pretzel! about 9 years ago

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    Hopfbrahaus and BMW museum are a must about 9 years ago

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    You might enjoy visiting the Bavaria Film Studios near Munich.

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bavaria_Film about 9 years ago

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    Have a walk in the olymic park where the Olympics took place in 1972. Can easily be reached by subway. In my opinion the park has three highlights:

    A hill (about 80 meters high) that gives a stunning view over the city and the oympic buildings. If the weather is good, you can see deep into the alps. About 50 percent of Munich was destroy in the last war - the whole hill consists of the rubble of the bombed houses (So we locals call the hill "rubble mountain".)

    The olympic stadium (former track and field and socker stadium). You can take a tour in the stadium but maybe the view from the hill is enough. Our you could swim in the pool where Mark Spitz won his medals in 72.

    Not far from the hill there is a tiny little church in the park that was illegally built by a Russian monk (Father Timofey) in the fifties. It is located in a little orchard and is a little silent paradise of its own. See for signs "Ost- West- Friedenskirche" (East- West- Peace Church).

    If you are into cars see the BMW museum. It is very close to the park. Or you take the elevator to the olympic tower, which is about 200 meters high. I personally prefer the view from the hill mentioned above. about 9 years ago

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