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A while ago I booked tickets with a few of my friends to go to Psychedelic Circus, which is situated in Northern Germany, in Stolschweig-Holstein (not sure about the spelling there!). But this is one of towns most affected by the outbreak of e-coli and the new strain of it, HUS.

As it is a festival, I was wondering whether it would be sensible to go out there right now, everything on the internet is just confusing me and I can't believe that the German Government would allow this event to continue if they thought people were at risk when it is literally in the epicenter of where all this of going on.

We're flying into Lubeck, and each day they seem no closer to working out the source of this bacterium, so it could be dangerous to eat anything out there at the moment. However there haven't been any travel warnings (from ryanair or the organizers of the festival) but I can't help feeling like it could be a bad idea?

I understand if you can't really help but I am clutching at straws currently!!! :(

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    Charlotte, I don't think anyone (including the combined resources of Germany's health system) knows if or when it will be completely "safe".
    But I can give you some tips to make your trip SAFER, but no guarantees you won't get sick.
    Generally E. Coli bacteria (which frankly comes from cow poo) is destroyed when food is thoroughly cooked at high temperature. Which is why the authorities are looking at raw vegetables like cucumber or bean sprouts as the source of the outbreak (manure as fertiliser?). Undercooked (pink) meat, especially ground meat (mince) is often a source of E. Coli contamination. It's also highly infectious if you come into direct contact with an infected person.
    So here are a few tips to REDUCE your risk of infection.
    Raw vegetables are off the menu. Fortunately you'll be in Germany, home of the sausage! Just make sure it's thoroughly cooked all the way through - and ask for no bean sprouts, no lettuce, no tomato, no salad vegetables of any kind. I'm not sure if the fermenting process renders cabbage safe from bacteria, so maybe hold the sauerkraut until someone tells you differently. I hope you're not vegetarian.
    Wash your hands before and after handling food, especially after going to the toilet. Actually, wash your hands a lot. Because you'll be at that festival, put a bottle of antiseptic hand wash in your pocket. If you can't thoroughly wash eating utensils before using them, give them a good wipe with the antiseptic hand wash. Drink water from your own bottle instead of a glass unless you're sure the glass has been properly washed by an uninfected person. Don't drink unpasteurised milk or cider. If you're doing your own cooking, don't put cooked meat back on the plate you used when it was raw. If you must eat raw vegetables make sure you wash them really, really well in fresh running water.
    If you do all that you'll significantly reduce your risk, but like I said, no guarantees. In the end you have to decide for yourself if the risk is worth it.
    Good luck, let us know how you went, and a report on the festival would be good too.
    Phil over 9 years ago

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    Hi, the people who died so far are more than 80 years old accoding to the Internet informaiton. Some years ago nobody would have botherd to dig into the body to see what kind of problem he had. Please do not listen to voices. Just bless the food and enjoy your holidays in the wonderful Schleswig-Holstein. That´s what I do while I travel all over the world had all kind of street food and I never got sick. about 8 years ago

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