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we plan to rent a car and drive the country to see the sights. We love people and nature.

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    If you like nature there'r plenty of options around...if I understand correctly you'll be in Ramstein which is pretty near the Black forest area (to the south) and the Eifel region to the north. If you go go south go to Baden-Baden and maybe Freiburg. If you want to see other towns, if you go North you'll have Bonn and Köln (Cologne) which are both nice cities, not too busy and with good atmosphere to enjoy the spring. There's too many options from there ;) ...you cna even go to Munich and then cross the border to Austria...the mountains and lakes there (both DE and AT) are also fantastic. almost 10 years ago

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    I take it from the previous answer where the Air Force Base is in Germany. If you're lucky enough to arrive in Bonn when there's a traditional music festival on don't miss it or perhaps I was just lucky. I found Bonn a far more compact and traditional city than cosmopolitan Cologne (Koln) however the latters Cathedral must be visited & preferable climbed to the top. Cologne is famous for the amount of churches it has if you're into that kind of a thing but a trip down the Rhine would not go a miss.

    From Bonn you can take a train to the small medieval village of Bad Munstereiffel in the Eiffel hills. It would really be worth spending a night or two there, it is a very magical out of this world experience.

    Oh the other place you might be interested in given I take it that you're a military man is Remagen, famous for its bridge that was destroyed in WW2 & never rebuilt. You get a great sense of history just being there & has a small musemn which may or may not be open when you're there.

    You may make it as far as Friedrichshafen, home to the Zeppelin which you can take a pricey trip in weather dependent. Near the border with Austria and Switzerland you can take a boat to the Rhinefalls in Switzerland one day, be in the Alps in Austria the next. I recall taking a boat trip to an island with very pretty gardens which you would love given that you are into nature. almost 10 years ago

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    Great answers above. I would add munich is a must see and the mountains and lakes of the German Alps (around Lake Constance). almost 10 years ago

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