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    it really depends of if you like trains or not. Air of course would be cheaper and if you get a good far it can be cheaper than the train which of course you will have to buy food etc on the way. That being said I love trains in mainland Europe and Im an ex airline employee so I feel very comfortable in airports etc. I always book using scnf you can get direct or not and overnight trains etc. The train price will depend on when you take the train and what time etc. Ive seen fares for 40 euro for direct overnight trains and 150 euro, Asking for 'direct trains' will give you the night trains, and their rates tend to be higher but can be good deals also. Trains will probably take you from Paris to Stuttgart and on to Munich. The earlier you book the better deal you will get. over 7 years ago

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    I know the train is not FASTER, but I just looked at travel time and price and for 180 dollars US you can travel by train in 6 hrs to the East station. Looking at Expedia for a direct flight it was 665 dollars. With one connection was 360 US. So it boils down to if you like sitting back watching the country side go by at 120 mph in a smooth quiet ride or jump thru hoops getting to the airport, going thru security, riding like a sardine in a can in a fairly noisy environment, checking your bag, picking up your bag, getting a taxi or train to come in from CDG airport, yada yada yada - Take the train. More relaxing, enjoyable and you usually find folks to talk with along the way. As far as buying food goes, you are going to have to eat one way or the other, When you get off the plane you are going to eat in the airport or before you get on the train. I always pick up a couple of beers and a sandwich and snack at the Hopbanhoff before boarding. There is a dining car and food on the train too. over 7 years ago

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