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Any one been to Marburg, Germany? If so, what is is like? Things to do, people generally, is it full of uni students? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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    Marburg is a medieval town, almost exactly in the middle of Hessen. The "upper town" consists of many small half-timbered houses and is quite twisty. Above the town is the castle, a steep ascent.
    Marburg is a typical student city. Of the inhabitants are almost 100.00 min. 20,000 students. There are many pubs, particularly in the upper town and a few clubs. Everything is very small and cozy. A city of short distances. But there is nothing to miss. There is a large cinema, theater, swimming pool and shopping center. Any other questions? over 10 years ago

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    What is the public transport like? Eg to surrounding towns/villages such as Schonestadt. over 10 years ago

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Map of Marburg