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Hi there,
I'm asking this question more for my boyfriend than for me ;)
I am from Germany and I came to New Zealand with Working Holiday Visa 1 1/2 years ago. While I was in NZ I met my boyfriend there and now he wants to come to Germany with the Working Holiday Visa at the end ofthis year. He can't speak any German and I know as a German that it probably won't be easy to get a job?!?!??
He is a Chef and at the moment he works at the Hilton Hotel in Melbourne/Australia so he actually has some good qualifications and references. Now my question: How did u guys find a job in Germany? Does anyone know a Hotel or a Restaurant in the northern part of Germany (Hamburg or Kiel) where he could apply for a job?
I already asked some offices in Germany for some informations but they just explained me how to apply for the visa what we already know :/
I hope to get some answers from you :)

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