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working holiday visa for Australian

almost 8 years ago about Germany

Hi Im looking to apply for a working holiday visa for Germany? Im from AUS but I currently live in the UK but I want to move to Darmstadt in May or jUne. Does anyone have experience with applying for a WHV either at the German embassy in London at the Auslaenderbehoerde in Darmstadt or just in general? What forms etc do I need to fill out? Thanks

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    Antonia, you'll find everything you need to know here: http://www.australien.diplo.de/Vertretung/australien/en/04/Visabestimmungen/WHV/seite__zu__WHV__visa.html
    You can aply AFTER you arive in germany - which is good.
    You'llneed: application form, passports photos, passport, evidence of health insurance, and address and phone number of the first place you're staying in Germany, and evidence you can support yourself financially - $Aus400 a month - but credit cards and bank statements will do, or a letter of sponsorship from you prospective employer stating your salary.
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    I tried to apply for my working holiday visa as i am Australian in Dillenburg which is in Hessen state close to Frankfurt. They are saying i have to apply through some organisation or company to get the visa. what do i do?
    When i applied first for this the case officer accepted it and after 2 months he is telling me it was for a sprachkurs visa and not a WHV. over 3 years ago

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