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    Aspirin, road conditions throughout georgia are pretty bad, lots of potholes. Not sure if it's a bit more relaxed where you're travelling but the road rules are "free form" at best. One local road law you should master: the overtaking lane on a two-lane highway is down the middle, and the cars in the left and right lanes are expected to move to the extremities to allow the overtaking vehicle to pass safely.
    Foreign government travel advisories warn of a high rate of petty crime, and also of car-jacking and robbery, especially after dark.
    Unofficial travel advice is that if you adapt to local conditions, don't have a flashy car and have good suspension, driving can be quite fun.
    As for the places you're going to; Svaneti province neighbours Abkhazia, and its advised you don't get too close to the border... still a bit hairy. I don't know Kazbegi, where's it near?
    Phil about 9 years ago

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    Hello Travelers!

    you can not worry about traveling over all territory of Georgia Region Kazbegi and Svaneti is normal road for move if you have your car and when you will be in city of Tbilisi you can visiting in our Non-profit Tourist Organization Tourist Houses and we will give you any additional information for your traveling in Georgia


    I will have hope what we meet with each other soon

    With esteem Giorgi about 9 years ago

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    No problem at all for safety, road to Kazbegi is very safe and btw it is paved, recommend to visit the Whole Trinity Church there, it is located 3,000 m above sea level about 9 years ago

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    So many road under construction in svaneti,last time we were waiting for almost 1hour to wait in a line about 9 years ago

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    Last year I visited Georgia. Its totally safe, I have never seen or heard anything about crime or...
    Yesterday I got a report about the cheapest and safest countries and Georgia is number 2, so feel free to visit Svaneti or Kazbegi or Kakheti or any other places.
    OMG, in kakheti they have so amazing wine.
    Last year I hired a travel agency, so they planned whole tour, I highly suggest them.

    Zygfrid from Poland almost 7 years ago

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