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I am heading to Tahiti and Rurutu, for a week each, and my New Zealand Cell phone provider, doesn't receive any coverage in FP. I have an iPhone 4, and was wondering if there are any mobile or cellphone companies in FP that have micro/ nano sim cards for iPhone 4. Would be super helpful, as I would purchase a prepaid simcard which I could top up easily, so I can stay connected via Facebook, emails, and Texts/ calls to my family in New Zealand. Thanks!

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    Anybody going to French Polynesia in need of a SIM card should get a VINI card. They have cards for all kinds of phones - just make sure there is no SIM lock.
    Also, buy them on Tahiti, as some of the smaller islands may only have top-ups, but not the initial card you need.
    Here an overview of the ten islands we visited during our 7-week French Polynesia trip: www.travelintense.com/eco-travel-destinations/french-polynesia over 5 years ago

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    You can purchase a SIM card (from VINI) with 2 GB of data + 30 minutes of local calls for $60 US (good for two weeks) at the phone shop next tp the McDonalds's at the Papeete, Tahiti airport. You can also purchase on islands like Bora Bora but they up the price a bit higher. (The fabric store next to Chin's supermarket sold them...and there is also a mobile phone shop in Viatape further north, on the opposite side of the street.) You will need to figure out how to unlock your phone before inserting the SIM card. It's not too difficult...just go to the settings. On my phone (through TMobile) there was an option for a temporary, 30-day unlock. I definitely recommend getting one! almost 3 years ago

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