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I'll be in Nantes for a conference in Oct. and am interested in touring some brandy producers in and around Cognac. I'll have my own car, but am worried about not being able to do much tasting if I'm driving. Am more interested in seeing some of the smaller, high quality houses than the mega-producers. Recommendations on which ones to see, and best way to see the would be most appreciated!

P.S. Unfortunately, I don't speak French - in case that matters.

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    The visit of the Hennesy house is very interesting. While it is a large producer, it is very well done and probably easier than a smaller house since you don't speak french. As for driving, plan accordingly ! They include three samples with the tour (when I was there a few years ago) and I could not consider getting back behind the wheel for about an hour after that.

    Btw, if you need tips on Nantes, do not hesitate to ask. I lived there for a year. It's a wonderful city with great and affordable restaurants. over 9 years ago

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    Thanks for the tip on Hennessy - I will be sure to check them out.

    If you have ideas for good places to eat in Nantes, I'm very interested. I'll be staying at the Mercure hotel near the railroad station and convention center (east of town center).

    Thanks! over 9 years ago

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    For Nantes, you cannot miss La Cigale, probably the oldest restaurant in the city. Crêpes are typical of the region and my favorite place is Rêves marins Crêpes marines. After that, the choices are plentiful. Have a look at www.lestablesdenantes.fr. They list the winners of a annual contest in the region. Loof for restaurants listed under "Nantes centre", which should be in walking distance of your hotel, or maybe a short tram ride away. Enjoy ! over 9 years ago

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